Best Acting Class

  • Best Acting Class

Best Acting Class

Best Acting Class

Introduction to Acting
This course introduces students to some of the fundamental skills and tools required for developing the acting process. They build self-awareness, develop their imagination and concentration, recognize their emotional truth, learn the actor’s vocabulary, and demonstrate the ability to be honest and committed in their acting. In addition, students learn how to behave as a professional actor as they demonstrate the focus and respect necessary in an acting class, on stage, or on set.

Introduction to Voice
students encounter the concept of “Your Voice as Your Instrument.” In addition, they begin to develop basic vocal technique for actors and work towards developing a voice that can be clearly understood and physically grounded in the body, mind, imagination, and emotions. Class work includes breathing, stretching, grounding, relaxation, resonance, range, articulation, and the creation of a personal physical and vocal warm-up. Particular emphasis is given to the importance of the voice in the craft of the actor.

Introduction to Camera
Students learn fundamental techniques required to perform confidently in front of a camera. Through a series of important exercises, they learn how to make smart actor’s choices for various shot types and scenarios. They also develop a deeper understanding, level of respect, and appreciation for set etiquette, professionalism, and other crew members on set.


  • Place : Sarthana jakatnaka
  • Organized For: vishwakarma academy
  • Organized By Vishwakarma academy

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